As a little girl, growing up

As a little girl, growing up I didn’t come from a wealthy family and I didn’t live in a big house with a white picket fence. However, I probably had more fun than the kids who did! I had advantages that other kids didn’t have and certainly more than what my own children have. The memories I have as a child will be held deep in my heart throughout my life.

Born and raised in Coolidge, Arizona may not sound like much for most people and for people from the “big city” it probably sounds down right boring! Growing up in Coolidge had a few downsides. It was always a challenge when going to a birthday party to find a card or gift without giving something that ten other people weren’t giving. If it wasn’t for Sprouse Reitz and Yellow Front, residents of Coolidge would have to drive 30 minutes to Casa Grande to do shopping.

Shopping never was a big deal for me. I had plenty to do to keep me busy. Living in a small neighborhood where three houses in a row all belonged to my family was great. Not too many kids today can say that they live next door to their grandma and grandpa and next door to them is their great grandma. I was fortunate to have acres and pastures to run and play. Horses, cows, chickens, pigs, you name it we had it. Along with all of that, we had irrigation ditches and yards full of water to run and play in.

In the summer when school was out, I was so fortunate that my grandparents owned a cabin in Lakeside where we would go to escape the heat. Nothing beats spending the summer fishing and relaxing in the cool country. I always thought I had the best of both worlds.

Arizona is full of small towns and great getaways. An Arizona native, a small town Coolidge girl born and raised. Now my four children are sharing some of the same treasures that Coolidge offered me. Recently moving 15 minutes outside of Coolidge to Florence, my kids still attend the Coolidge School District and enjoy many of the same things that I enjoyed as a child. In addition, when it gets to hot in the summer I take my kids to the cool country in the White Mountains to enjoy a little piece of my own history.

It’s always nice to go on the short vacations to the beach or Disneyland but there’s no place like home…Coolidge, Arizona.

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