Since I was born, I have lived in Arizona

Since I was born, I have lived in Arizona and I have loved every moment I have spent here. Where I currently live in the Ahwatukee Foothills area, there are many positive aspects.

The area is fairly wealthy with nice houses and institutions surrounding for convenience. Neighborhoods are very organized and space efficient because of the growing population. Most houses have to answer to the homeowner’s association which ensures the lasting neatness of the community. Buildings like the fire house,  restaurants, and banks are all nicely built and are very pretty.

Areas with lots of shopping and restaurants look and feel fun. Here people can gather, eat dinner, and shop all they please. The small malls make the area look nicer and give added significance to the community. Traffic is under control and not extreme in the least bit. It is easily avoidable if one chooses to travel at a different time of the day. Parking lots are generally big and not always filled, only on weekends or at busy times during the day.

The environment is particularly pretty. There are many small lakes, grassy areas, trees, and mountains surrounding the Foothills. Many homes back up right to preserves and get to enjoy the wildlife firsthand. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, especially because of the lasting beauty my community holds. I would urge anyone looking for a home or seeking a worthy place to live to consider the Foothills. These and many other aspects make our community very unique, enjoyable, and fun to live in and around. 

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